Why Become a Shiva Yoga Teacher




Why Become a Shiva Yoga Teacher

Why become a yoga teacher?

1: Develop Personal Health & Well being

As a teacher, yoga practice will be a more regular, permanent feature in your life. This will enable you to build and maintain good levels of mental and physical health for yourself. Taking up teacher training is more than signing up to teach others how to practice yoga poses; it’s a personal commitment to developing your own practice and embracing yoga as a way of life

2:  Help Others

Teaching yoga will give you the satisfaction of helping others. You will encourage others to maintain their wellbeing, and find out about themselves through the practice of yoga. This helping others can bring great personal happiness. Yoga teachers are often seen as guides to help people live more balanced and healthy lives.

3:  Make New Friends

Becoming a yoga teacher will lead to the creation of a network of people – your students and other yoga professionals – with the same values as you. This gives you the opportunity to socialise and build lasting friendships with like-minded people who share your interests. As a yoga teacher, you will join the global yoga community

4:  Earn Income

Qualifying as a yoga teacher means you can start generating an income by holding regular classes. Some yoga teachers teach many classes a week, whilst others hold just one or two classes as a way of supplementing another income. It’s an ideal occupation for people who are returning to work after a break, or who are looking for a different, less stressful way of earning an income. 


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Surya Namaskara

Surya Namaskara is usually practiced at sunrise, facing the sun. This exercise activates the endocrine system and the chakras (the vortexes through which vital life energy, or prana, is channelled) helping to build strength and flexibility.

DISCLAIMER Neither The International Shiva Yoga Centre, nor P R Mohanan are liable for any injuries that may occur when trying the Sun Salutation.

This graphic is meant as a guide only. Before beginning any physical activity, you are advised to speak with your doctor and take classes with a qualified teacher and instructor.