Liverpool Yoga Teacher Training

The Liverpool Yoga Teacher Training Course

Next Teacher Training Course starts Saturday 27th November 2021 at 2pm

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This 10 month long Liverpool Yoga teacher training course is designed to give you the skills to teach yoga across four levels of proficiency, as well as to assist you in developing your own practice. These skills are developed using a mixed methodology combining repeated practice, technical knowledge, pedagogic technique and philosophical discussion. Although a basic knowledge of yoga postures and philosophy is helpful, relative beginners to yoga are also welcome on the course.

This is because, like the practice of yoga itself, teaching the knowledge of yoga to others can be a profound, often trans-formative personal experience for teacher and student alike. Good teaching is considered to be the result of self-knowledge, and commitment to and holistic understanding of students’ needs and abilities, as well as mastery of yoga asanas (postures). Through this programme of practice, study and reflection, you will discover your own potential and qualities as a yoga practitioner and graduate with solid foundations and the confidence to begin teaching.

Liverpool Yoga Teacher Training Classes all take place at David Lloyd Leisure,
6 The Aerodrome, Speke, Liverpool, Merseyside L24 8QD

Liverpool Yoga Teacher Training

Next Teacher Training Course starts 27th November 2021.

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Yogacharya PR Mohanan

Yogacharya PR Mohanan is founder and director of the International Shiva Yoga Centre. A classically trained yoga teacher, he started his yoga journey in 1981 and began teaching in 1987. His 30 years of teaching experience includes 14 years spent in an Shivanandra Ashram, Vivekananda Ashram, Divine life Society  in India where he taught one of the major yogic traditions. Yogacharya is qualified to teach many different yoga systems. He has completed the Yoga Teachers’ Training Course and the Advanced Yoga Teachers’ Training Course at Shivananda Ashram India. He also has qualifications from the Yoga Vedanta in Divine Life Society  in Rishikesh, the Yoga Therapy course at VK Yoga in Bangalore and he completed the Yoga Instructors course at Vivekananda Kendra in Kanya Kumari, Southern India. In addition to his extensive experience and Indian qualifications, he has a British City & Guilds qualification. Yogacharya has travelled all over India, spending time with other yogis, spiritual leaders, sadhus, saints and avadhutas to broaden his knowledge of yoga. he also participated in satsang at various monasteries. In 2003 Yogacharya came to England and has since taught classes in schools, community centres, health spas and leisure centres. he now lives in Liverpool where he teaches yoga and runs the Shiva Yoga Teacher Training Course. He leads workshops across the UK and runs yoga holidays in Italy, Turkey, Spain, Greece and Egypt. His yoga programme is broadcast on Indian television (DKK and Kairali cable channels).  

Teaching and Curriculum

The Shiva Yoga Teacher Training Course (Hatha) uses India’s traditional Gurukula teaching system, whereby direct contact with the teacher facilitates the transformation of the student’s life. The curriculum includes instruction in how to teach all six levels of Shiva Yoga: Beginners Level O; Beginners Level I; Beginners Level II, Intermediate Level;  Advanced Level I and Advanced Level II . This includes instruction in appropriate yogic teaching methodologies, micro-teaching, correction of postures and techniques for teaching mixed-ability classes.  It also provides instruction in teaching Pranayama (breathing exercise), meditation, exercise for joints and a background in yogic philosophy. In addition to traditional yogic learning, knowledge of anatomy and physiology is considered essential for those teaching Shiva Yoga.

Course Content

Our courses syllabus includes the following topics:  Asana (Yoga Postures) and their benefits, Yoga Anatomy & Physiology,  Pranayama (Breathing),  Teaching Practice: How to teach the Sun Salutations,  Kriyas (Purification) and over 350 postures,  Meditation, Yogic Diet & Nutrition. The Shiva Yoga Teacher Training Programme is delivered in two stages. Stage One is the Shiva Yoga Teacher Training Course which results in the Teacher of Yoga qualification – Yoga Shiromani. Stage Two is the Shiva Yoga Advanced Teacher Training Course which results in the Master of Yoga qualification – Yoga Acharya. Stage Two can only be accessed after successful completion of Stage One.

Why choose The International Shivayoga Centre Teacher Training Course?

Here are just a few reasons for choosing to train as a yoga teacher with the International Shivayoga Centre: * Internationally recognised certification * Authentic, pure and traditional style of yoga teaching * Expert, fully qualified teacher with many years’ experience teaching in India and UK * Suitable for all ages, levels of physical ability and yoga experience – from beginners to advanced * Affordable Over 100 yoga teachers have qualified at the International Shiva Yoga Centre since 2005

Course Fees

The fee for 30 weeks Shiva Yoga Teacher Training Course is £1150 which includes tuition, 5 Shiva Yoga DVD’s, Shiva Yoga Teacher Training Manual, a Shiva Yoga Teacher’s T-shirt and registration. All fees are to be paid in two instalments, £800 on induction day and £350 the following month, by cheque (made payable to: P.R.Mohanan) or cash. The fee for the 15 weeks Advanced Teacher Training course is £650 to be paid in two instalments: £400 for the first instalment followed by £250 payable the following month. Please note that you can only join the Advanced Teacher Training course after successful completion of the Teacher Training Course. Unfortunately, refunds cannot be given once the course has started. The course runs for 2-3 days per month over a 10-12 month period and regular attendance of the course is essential.

Is the Shiva Yoga (Hatha) Teacher Training Course accredited? The Shiva Yoga (Hatha) Teacher Training Course is accredited and affiliated by the International Shiva Yoga Centre UK (ISYC). This is a separate, independent organisation offering traditional style yoga classes and workshops based on ancient Indian yoga and the Gurukula education system. Please note that the course is not affiliated to or accredited by any other organisations in UK and abroad.

Can I teach with the Shiva Yoga Teacher Training Qualification? The Shiva Yoga teacher Training Course allows you to teach anywhere in the world. We recommend that in addition  to completing our course, you obtain public liability insurance, an appropriate first aid qualification and training in anatomy/physiology before you embark on teaching others. Graduates of the Shiva Yoga Teacher Training Qualification have gone on to teach regular yoga classes in sports centres, schools, community centres, health centres, universities, prisons, offices, Government organisations and abroad.