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Why choose The International Shiva Yoga Centre Teacher Training Course?

 Here are just a few reasons for choosing to train as a yoga teacher with the International Shivayoga Centre:

  • Internationally recognised certification
  • Authentic, pure and traditional style of yoga teaching
  • Expert, fully qualified teacher with many years’ experience teaching in India and UK
  • Suitable for all ages, levels of physical ability and yoga experience – from beginners to advanced
  • Affordable

Over 1,000 yoga teachers have qualified at the International Shivayoga Centre in the last 12 years.

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SURYA NAMASKARA – (Sun Salutation)

Surya Namaskara is usually practiced at sunrise, facing the sun. This exercise activates the endocrine system and the chakras (the vortexes through which vital life energy, or prana, is channelled) helping to build strength and flexibility.

DISCLAIMER Neither the International Shiva Yoga Centre, nor P R Mohanan are liable for any injuries that may occur when trying the Sun Salutation.

This graphic is meant as a guide only. Before beginning any physical activity, you are advised to speak with your doctor and take classes with a qualified teacher and instructor.




Moments at Shiva Yoga


I have attended Mohan’s yoga classes for quite a few years and hope to keep doing so for years to come. There is something very special about Mohan. Teaching yoga is not just a job to him, which is why I love his classes. His yoga knowledge is amazing. He must know every posture in the world! I started practising yoga to improve my flexibility but I ended up getting so much more from his classes. As a full time working mum with 2 young sons, I find Mohan’s sessions the ideal way to unwind. His soothing manner and relaxing voice add to the whole experience, and I always go home feeling stretchier and more chilled out! He teaches all abilities, and I always feel a sense of achievement after attending one of his more challenging classes. I have participated in Mohan’s yoga workshops, and last year attended his yoga holiday in Turkey which was amazing. (I’ve booked to attend his next yoga holiday in Crete which I’m already looking forward to.) I subscribe to his YouTube channel, which is a great alternative when I am unable to attend group sessions. Mohan is a wonderful, peaceful person and I’m so glad I discovered his classes. I hope he never leaves Liverpool or I might just have to hunt him down and drag him back! If you have never practised yoga before and are considering giving it a try, I highly recommend Mohan’s classes. I’m sure you won’t regret it.

Helen Lifestyle Liverpool U.K.

Over 1,000 yoga teachers have qualified at the International Shivayoga Centre in the last 12 years. Over 1,000 yoga teachers have qualified at the International Shivayoga Centre in the last 12 years.

Loretta Goldsmith

I have been attending Mohan’s Yoga classes for over 10 years and believe he is the best instructor I have ever encountered. Mohan displays a sense of spirituality and serenity which he is able to share with his students. He has particular skills in recognising the differing abilities of his students and tailors his classes accordingly. I have mainly joined his classes at my sports club but have also attended Yoga workshops and a holiday in Crete. It has all been wonderful, long may Mohan continue.

Dr Shaun Mullett

I have attended Mohan’s yoga classes for many years and highly recommend him. Mohan is well respected and very highly thought of. His knowledge and teaching techniques are exceptional. I will be 75 years old shortly and am so pleased at some the positions I can achieve under his guidance; flexibility in later life is very important! Mohan teaches all levels and adapts his classes to the needs of his participants, explaining which part of the body benefits from specific exercises, etc. I have missed his classes of late due to illness but I am excited to return very soon.


Teacher Training Course Testimonial : I have been lucky enough to practice in the yoga teacher training course and the Master course run by Mohan. Mohan has so much knowledge and experience I felt truly humbled and privileged to be his student. He teaches from his heart and soul and is genuinely interested in every one of his students. I have gone on to have an extremely successful career teaching yoga and I am eternally grateful to Mohan.

Teacher Training Course Testimonial : I attended Mohan's teacher training course, and I would highly recommend this to all. Mohan is a very experienced guru, his teaching has enriched mine and my family's lives in so many ways, I cannot thank Mohan enough. Mohan provides a strong solid foundation for his beginners to advance. Mohan's enthusiasm becomes a part of yourself. Mohan helps you connect to yourself. Yoga is not just an exercise it is a way of living life from peace, love and contentment, to now be able to share this gift with as many souls as possible i believe the world can become heaven and earth.

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